Helping you means the world to us

While the Huddle bots are tireslessly working to make insurance simpler and cost less, the Huddle Humans are harnessing the power of our business to help the planet.

Insurance has been helping people to enjoy life's adventures for hundreds of years. Now, Huddle is making it possible for our customers to not only look after each other, but to harness that community power to help the world that we live in.

Carbon-neutral car insurance

Every Huddle Car Insurance policy includes carbon credits that offset your car’s CO2 emissions, making your driving 100% carbon-neutral.

Investing in a brighter future

Like all insurers, we make sure we have enough money in the bank to pay claims at any given time. But unlike most insurers, we keep this money out of fossil fuels, and only invest in companies to have a positive impact on the planet, people and animals.



Each year, we share surplus profits with the causes and charities our customers care about. So when claims are low, everyone wins.

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