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Meals on Wheels

Huddle is extremely proud to partner with Meals on Wheels NSW. Huddle provides insurance for the amazing volunteers, paid staff and donors who give their time, skills and money so Meals on Wheels can continue their essential community service to thousands of people across New South Wales.

Huddle Insurance provides Car and Travel Insurance across Australia. With Huddle, you get great cover, plus when claims are low, surplus profit is used by your Huddle to strengthen communities and the planet. Huddle is a Certified B Corp that meets the highest social and environmental standards of transparency and accountability. Fair prices ✓ Instant Claims™ ✓ Profit for the Planet ✓

By changing your insurance provider to Huddle, you’ll contribute to Meals on Wheels NSW's work in nourishing 

When you switch to Huddle’s awesome insurance, we will donate funds that help further the great work of Meals on Wheels NSW.


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