Apply for a chance to earn $5,000 in project funding

Are you looking for a way to raise money for your socially conscious project? Huddle Changemakers is your answer. Find out how it works.

Huddle is a community of socially conscious changemakers based in Australia. Collectively our members have done something amazing with their insurance, sharing unused premiums to fund projects that create a safer, stronger and more honest world.

That's where you come in...

This year, Huddle members are awarding

$15,000 to fund projects

that can help create a future that is more connected, caring and trusting

Projects we're looking to fund


Intrepid film-makers seeking funding for films that can bring people closer together, rebuild trust or strengthen a community.

Social Enterprise

Change agents with innovations that can accelerate society towards fairer and more trusting communities. Funding can be used to prove a concept or run a pilot.


Clubs and non-profits which require funding for events or initiatives that help build more trusting, connected and safer comunities.

How it works

We have partnered with StartSomeGood, the world's leading experts on cause crowdfunding and, like us, a registered B Corp.

Together, we will support these changemakers to launch crowdfunding campaigns, and provide coaching, mentoring and promotional support. Projects must have fundraising goals between $10,000 and $20,000, of which Huddle will provide the first $5,000 for three of the successful projects.

Please apply by 21 March 2018. We'll let you know on 28 March 2018 whether you've been accepted, and then the fundraising can begin.


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