Globetrotters listen up!

Huddle Insurance offers free-spirited travellers the flexibility they deserve with a Worldwide Travel Insurance cover.

Perfect for aimless travellers. For last-minute escapes and for spontaneous getaways. For the "play it by ear" types. For island hopping. Or for cross-country hiking.  

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Together we’re doing more

When you join Huddle, you're getting more than just insurance: you're joining a community that’s doing good 365 days a year. That’s because Huddle was created with the aim of being more than your standard insurance company. We wanted to create a better model for insurance and a better world.

And today we’re sharing some great stories about what’s been achieved over the past 12 months thanks to all our Huddle members.

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Why we’re putting renters ahead of homeowners

We promised you a few surprises in our second year, and today, we’re thrilled to announce a new product, designed especially for people who rent. We’re calling it Renters Insurance, and it’s there to cover your stuff. So whatever you need to protect… your lovely laptop, your beautiful bike, or your collection of Lionel Richie LPs, Renters Insurance is here for you.

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Fight like your world depends on it. Because it does.

Helping you means the world to us. And it is this focus that energises us to stand up for the planet, to say that it is wrong to pollute, and that it is right to demand action on climate change.

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Can we buy our way out of poverty?

Join us at Vivid Ideas 2017 on Saturday 10 June in Sydney.

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We just paid a travel insurance claim in 3 minutes

 (that’s right... minutes, not months)

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We’re making insurance honest again

A brief introduction to how Huddle is putting the trust back into insurance.

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