Bot-powered insurance eh?

Our mission is to use tech to make insurance that's more reliable and that costs less.

Why is insurance so expensive?

That's the question that got us started.

Insurance, like water or electricity, is one of of the basic essentials in modern life. It needs to be on, all of the time. And it needs to be reliable, and there when you need it.

But it shouldn't cost the earth. Our mission is to use technology to make insurance that’s more reliable and that costs less.


Bot-powered insurance, eh?

Who'd have thunk it?

There's plenty of us humans here at Huddle. But humans have limitations. They can't work 24/7 and they can't make millions of decisions simultaneously. So we created a small army of Huddle Bots. These AI-powered superheroes are always on, working hard to help us deliver our vision for cheaper, more reliable insurance.


And the humans at Huddle?

They're freed up to provide members with help, support and big ideas to help people and planet.


1% for the Planet

We're part of the global movement of businesses pledging 1% of revenue for the planet.

Learn about our responsible company


Join the game changing team

Our mission is to change the insurance industry. And everyone at Huddle has a role to play.

Careers at Huddle


What we believe

Some would say insurance is slow, cumbersome and even a little judgemental. Our values shape the products and services we design as well as the decisions we make as a business. They are the behaviours to which we hold ourselves to account.





Lightning fast






For everyone


Here for good


Hear from the Humans at Huddle


Why I love our bots

At Huddle, we love technology. We use it every day in every aspect of our business and love how it makes insurance easier for our Members and for us! ...



12 Sep 2019


We’re Striking for Climate

Our team at Huddle exists to keep our Members feeling safe and secure; while they’re on the road, in their home or on the other side of the world! We’ ...



12 Sep 2019


Excesses: what, when and, most importantly, why

‘Excess’. It’s one of those insurance-y words that makes some people go “Huh?” and makes others get red and shouty. ...



12 Sep 2019


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