Bot-powered car, travel, home & contents insurance

Huddle is a car, home and travel insurance company powered by the Huddle Bots. Get covered in minutes with a little help from Polly today.


Always on, so you can switch off


Feel confident about your insurance

Polly, the policy building Huddle Bot, uses algorithms to source useful data to help you with your application. She can also highlight key information for you to double check.



24/7 claims processing

Most claims can be lodged 24/7 with the Huddle App and in some cases you'll get a decision within minutes.


Radical transparency

All Huddle's members get to have a say in how our products work and how their money is used.

Our bots are always on, so you can switch off


Huddle Bots are always on. They're quick, they never tire and they certainly don't need to sleep. They're making insurance more reliable and less costly.

And the humans at Huddle? They're freed up to provide members with help, support and big ideas to help people and planet. Because helping you means the world to us.

Hear from the Humans at Huddle

Why I love our bots

At Huddle, we love technology. We use it every day in every aspect of our business and love how it makes insurance easier for our Members and for us! ...

We're Striking for Climate

Our team at Huddle exists to keep our Members feeling safe and secure; while they're on the road, in their home or on the other side of the world! We'...

Excesses: what, when and, most importantly, why

'Excess'. It's one of those insurance-y words that make some people go "Huh?" and makes others get red and shouty. ...



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